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Shoring and Hillside Construction


We execute hillside projects ranging from small CMU retaining walls to larger projects requiring piles and beams. See the complete list of shoring and hillside construction services below:
Piles and Grade Beams


  • Drilling Equipment Access Roads

  • Drilling for Piles

  • Rock Coring

  • Rebar Cage Fabrication

  • Elevated Grade Beams

Soldier Piles and I-Beams


  • Drilling for Soldier Piles/I-Beams

  • Nelson Studs Custom Welded on site

  • Rebar Cage Fabrication

  • Vertical Cut Excavation

  • Lagging and Slurry Backfill

  • Sub Drainage System

  • Double Curtained Rebar Reinforcing

  • Shotcrete Retaining Walls

  • Tie Backs and Whalers

Retaining Walls


  • Retaining Wall Foundations with Keyway

  • CMU Retaining Walls with Grout Fill

  • Poured in Place Retaining Walls

  • Shotcrete Retaining Walls

  • Shotcrete with Tie Backs

  • Sub Drainage and Backfill

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