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Concrete and Foundations


We offer the full spectrum of concrete and foundation related services. We also liaise with inspectors (Structural Engineers, Deputy and City inspectors) on our clients behalf to ensure that all work is completed correctly and without unnecessary delays.


  • Form Setting

  • Re-Bar placing

  • Setting of Anchor Hardware

  • Pre-Pour inspection

  • Placing of Concrete

  • Raised Foundations

Poured in Place Concrete


  • Retaining walls

  • Stem Walls

  • Pads

  • Footings

  • Free standing walls

  • Grade Beams

  • Basements

Slab on Grade


  • Form Setting

  • Placement of Re-bar

  • Installation of Vapor Barrier

  • Placing of Concrete

  • Construction Joint development

  • Concrete Consolidation

  • Trowel Finish, both by hand and Mechanical

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